CHUMMIE Bedwetting Alarm – Review

This week we look at the CHUMMIE Bedwetting Alarm.  The CHUMMIE alarm is based on the new technology designed to detect moisture as soon as possible.  This model includes their latest patented “One Drop DetectionTM” technology.

The sensor on CHUMMIE is small and comfortable.  The soft silicone sensor can conform to the wearer to enable a nice sleep without discomfort.   The small size will make it seem like your child is not even wearing an alarm, it is 40% smaller than a credit card, and only 1.1 oz.

This bedwetting alarm is configurable with 32 combinations of variable tones, volumes and vibrations.  This is great to wake you and your child.

Also included with alarm is a progress chart and stickers.  We feel this is a great motivation tool for kids.  They will see the progress they are making and will strive to improve.  Some parents are see results in just a couple of weeks and no longer use the system in 6 weeks.


  • Advanced Microprocessor based monitoring: The best technology for the fastest treatment
  • Passed the tests required to earn CE Mark, registered with the United States FDA.
  • Personalized treatment: choice of 32 combinations of variable tones, volumes and vibrations – strong enough for even the deepest sleeper
  • Kit contains: alarm, Intelliflex sensor, snap-on clip, 2 AAA Duracell batteries, progress chart, sticker reward system, manual, & cleaning wipes
  • Warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee

The CHUMMIE bedwetting alarm is a favorite here at  We like the fact they use standard AAA batteries, reasonable priced, and comes in two different colors.

Don’t wait any longer.  We have found a great deal on the CHUMMIE alarm at Amazon.  Click here for the blue model or here for the pink model.


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